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  • Create Celebrity Status In Your Niche!

    By using the Mirror-Exposure effect, we can help you achieve celebrity status in your niche! A celebrity that’s looked up to and well respected in your market place.

  • Manufacture Desire and Trust!

    The key to getting sales is marketing through demand (pull) rather than product (push).

  • Become The Go To Expert and Build Authority!

    Choose a niche and indoctrinate, indoctrinate, indoctrinate.

What Is A Propaganda Marketing Machine?

A Propaganda Marketing Machine is a Facebook Ad Campaign that spreads your company's unique story far and wide!  It is a campaign that will manufacture desire for your product or service and help build brand loyalty while simultaneously helping you cultivate an tribe of insanely loyal followers!  ...and the end of the day, it has one goal and that is to generate more leads and get more sales!

Facebook Ads with Strategic Retargeting

The goal of retargeted content (also known as re-marketing) is to place your brand top of mind.  People rarely buy from you the first time they visit your site or see an offer.  Retargeting can help you CLOSE THE DEAL.

Increased Social Engagement

Marketing today is not about what a company says. It's about what customers say about the company.

Done For You Market Domination

While you focus on doing what you love, we focus on spreading that love to your ideal demographic!  We wouldn't have it any other way!

What Our Client's Say

"VanBurf Media is the best thing I've done for marketing and advertising in my entire 20 year career as a Chiropractor."

Dr. Joe Hudak
Dr. Joe Hudak Hudak Chiropractic Wellness Center

"VanBurf Media knows marketing, they know facebook ads & they know how to get the attention. Worth every penny and more."

Dr. Dan Sullivan
Dr. Dan Sullivan The Chiropractic Advocate

VanBurf Media delivers the best in communications strategy to our clients so they can reach their business and lifestyle goals. This is a new era of public engagement.  Consumers demand a dialogue, and expect an empowered role with the brands they interact with, and the communities they touch.

  • Increased Leads
  • Increased Conversions
  • Reputation Management

We think differently than other Facebook Ad Agencies, which why we get results when other don't.  We help clients communicate, engage and build relationships through Social Media.

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